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Accepted Research Papers

  1. "Enterprise COllaboration and INteroperability (COIN) platform: Two Case Studies in the Marine Shipping Domain", Achilleas Achilleos, George Sielis, Georgia Kapitsaki, Michele Sesana, Sergio Gusmeroli and George Papadopoulos.
  2. "Computing Scientometrics in Large-Scale Academic Search Engines with MapReduce", Leonidas Akritidis and Panayiotis Bozanis.
  3. "Extraction and Evaluation of Candidate Named Entities in Search Engine Queries", Areej Alasiry, Mark Levene and Alexandra Poulovassilis.
  4. "The Impact of Conceptualization on Text Classification", Shereen Albitar, Sebastien Fournier and Bernard Espinasse.
  5. "Automated Information Extraction from Web APIs Documentation", Papa Alioune Ly, Carlos Pedrinaci and John Domingue.
  6. "VAM-aaS: Online Cloud Services Security Vulnerability Analysis and Mitigation-as-a-Service", Mohamed Almorsy, John Grundy and Amani Ibrahim.
  7. "A Framework and a Language for On-Line Analytical Processing on Graphs", Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti, Boualem Benatallah, Hamid Reza Motahari-Nezhad and Mohammad Allahbakhsh.
  8. "The Role of Twitter in YouTube Videos Diffusion", George Christodoulou, Chryssis Georgiou and George Pallis.
  9. "Evaluating Web Archive Search Systems", Miguel Costa and Mario Silva.
  10. "Architecture-Driven Modeling of Adaptive Collaboration Structures in Large-Scale Social Web Applications", Christoph Dorn and Richard Taylor.
  11. "Diversifying User Comments on News Articles", Giorgos Giannopoulos, Ingmar Weber, Alejandro Jaimes and Timos Sellis.
  12. "BiCWS: Mining Cognition Differences from Bilingual Web Search Results", Xiaojiang Huang and Xiaojun Wan.
  13. "Learning to Find Comparable Entities on the Web", Xiaojiang Huang and Xiaojun Wan.
  14. "Scenario-driven Development of Context-aware Adaptive Web Services", Mahmoud Hussein, Jian Yu, Jun Han and Alan Colman.
  15. "Improving the Performance of Pipelined Query Processing with Skipping", Simon Jonassen and Svein Erik Bratsberg.
  16. "Representing Service-Relationships as First Class Entities in Service Orchestrations", Malinda Kapuruge, Jun Han and Alan Colman.
  17. "A Meta-Plugin for Bespoke Data Management in WordPress", Stefania Leone, Alexandre De Spindler and Moira Norrie.
  18. "An Extended Compact TVP Index for Finding Top-k Nearest Neighbors over XML Data", Sheng Li and Junhu Wang,
  19. "Spelling Suggestion for XML Keyword Search Based on Pairwise Keyword Summaries", Sheng Li and Junhu Wang,
  20. "WebPut: Efficient Web-based Data Imputation", Zhixu Li, Mohamed Sharaf, Laurianne Sitbon, Shazia Sadiq, Marta Indulska and Xiaofang Zhou.
  21. "Topic-Sensitive Hidden Web Crawling", Panagiotis Liakos and Alexandros Ntoulas.
  22. "Assembling the Optimal Combination of Classifiers for Sentiment Classification", Yuming Lin, Xiaoling Wang, Jingwei Zhang and Aoying Zhou.
  23. "Efficient Execution of Web Navigation Sequences", Jose Losada, Juan Raposo, Alberto Pan and Paula Montoto.
  24. "Towards a User-Centric Social Approach to Web Services Composition, Execution, and Monitoring", Zakaria Maamar, Nora Faci and Michael Sheng.
  25. "An Empirical Study for Determining Relevant Features for Sentiment Summarization of Online Conversational Documents", Gino Mangnoesing, Arthur van Bunningen, Alexander Hogenboom and Flavius Frasincar.
  26. "Like-minded Communities: Bringing the Familiarity and Similarity Together", Natwar Modani, Ritesh Gupta, Seema Nagar, Saswata Shannigrahi, Saurabh Goyal and Kuntal Dey,
  27. "Controlled Enrichment of Knowledge Bases from Web Documents", Yassine Mrabet, Nacera Bennacer and Nathalie Pernelle.
  28. "Improving Recall of Regular Expressions for Information Extraction", Karin Murthy, Deepak P and Prasad Deshpande.
  29. "Cost-effective Provisioning and Scheduling of Deadline-constrained Applications in Hybrid Clouds", Rodrigo N. Calheiros and Rajkumar Buyya.
  30. "Exploring Content Dependencies to Better Balance Performance and Freshness in Web Databases", Stavros Papastavrou, Panos K. Chrysanthis and George Samaras.
  31. "Today's top "RESTful" services and why they are not RESTful", Dominik Renzel, Patrick Schlebusch and Ralf Klamma.
  32. "Event-Driven Ontology Updating", Jordy Sangers, Frederik Hogenboom and Flavius Frasincar.
  33. "Event Aware Workload Prediction: A Study Using Auction Events", Matthew Sladescu, Alan Fekete, Kevin Lee and Anna Liu.
  34. "On the use of Optimal Stopping Theory for Cache Consistency Checks", Manos Spanoudakis, Dimitris Lorentzos, Christos Anagnostopoulos and Stathes Hadjiefthymiades.
  35. "Trade-off Analysis of Elasticity Approaches for Cloud-based Business Applications", Basem Suleiman, Srikumar Venugopal, Wasim Sadiq and Sherif Sakr.
  36. "Good Quality Complementary Information for Multilingual Wikipedia", Yuya Fujiwara, Yu Suzuki, Yukio Konishi and Akiyo Nadamoto.
  37. "mNIR: Diversifying Search Results based on a Mixture of Novelty, Intention and Relevance", Reza Taghizadeh Hemayati and Weiyi Meng.
  38. "Can Social Features Help Learning to Rank YouTube Videos?", Sergiu Viorel Chelaru, Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez and Ismail Sengor Altingovde.
  39. "Improving On-Demand Learning to Rank Through Parallelism", Daniel Xavier De Sousa, Thierson Couto, Wellington Santos Martins, Rodrigo Silva and Marcos Andre Goncalves.
  40. "A Unified Framework for Distributed Managing Uncertain Data in RFID Traceability Networks", Quan Z. Sheng, Jiangang Ma and Damith Ranasinghe.
  41. "Modeling Sovereign RFID Data Streams in Collaborative Traceable Networks", Quan Z. Sheng, Yanbo Wu and Rui Zeng.
  42. "Generating Tourism Path from Trajectories and Geo-Photos", Zhixing Zeng, Richong Zhang, Xudong Liu, Hailong Sun and Xiaohui Guo.
  43. "Sentiment Analysis by Augmenting Expectation Maximisation with Lexical Knowledge", Xiuzhen Zhang, Yun Zhou, James Bailey and Kotagiri Ramamohanarao.
  44. "Panoramic Image Search by Similarity and Adjacency for Similar Landscape Discovery", Meng Zhao, Hiroaki Ohshima and Katsumi Tanaka.

Accepted Short Papers

  1. "Majority-Rule-Based Web Service Selection", Karim Benouaret, Dimitris Sacharidis, Djamal Benslimane and Allel Hadjali.
  2. "Predicting Application Performance for Multi-Vendor Clouds Using Dwarf Benchmarks", Vegard Engen, Juri Papay, Stephen Phillips and Michael Boniface.
  3. "Memory Efficient Index for Cache Invalidation Mechanism of OpenJPA", Miki Enoki, Yosuke Ozawa, Hiroshi Horii and Tamiya Onodera.
  4. "Analyzing the effectiveness of graph metrics for anomaly detection in online social networks", Reza Hassanzadeh, Richi Nayak, Douglas Stebila.
  5. "Securing Data Warehouses from Web-Based Intrusions", Ricardo Jorge Santos, Jorge Bernardino, Marco Vieira and Deolinda Rasteiro.
  6. "Definition and Enactment of Instance-Spanning Process Constraints", Maria Leitner, Juergen Mangler and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma.
  7. "Experiences in building an event-driven and deployable platform as a service", Dana Petcu, Calin Sandru, Silviu Panica, Ciprian Dorin Craciun and Marian Neagul.
  8. "A Space-Efficient Indexing Algorithm for Boolean Query Processing", Jianbin Qin, Chuan Xiao, Wei Wang and Xuemin Lin.
  9. "Integrating Feature Analysis and Background Knowledge to Recommend Similarity Functions", Seung Ryu and Boualem Benatallah.
  10. "An unsupervised technique to extract information from semi-structured web pages", Hassan A. Sleiman and Rafael Corchuelo.
  11. "Detecting Wikipedia Vandalism with A Contributing Efficiency-based Approach," Xiaoyue Tang, Shijun Li and Lin Gan.
  12. "Search Intent Discovery by Structurization of Community QA Contents", Soungwoong Yoon, Adam Jatowt and Katsumi Tanaka.
  13. "Towards Proactive Cross-Layer Service Adaptation", Chrysostomos Zeginis, Konstantina Konsolaki, Kyriakos Kritikos and Dimitris Plexousakis.

Accepted Demostration Papers

  1. "Information Systems for Knowledge Workers: The Kpeople Enterprise 2.0 Tool", Ugo Barchetti, Antonio Capodieci, Anna Lisa Guido and Luca Mainetti.
  2. "SMART: Supporting the Design and Execution of User-Centric Service-Based Applications", Piergiorgio Bertoli, Raman Kazhamiakin, Michele Nori and Marco Pistore.
  3. "WPPS: A Framework for Web Page Processing", Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov.
  4. "ODCleanStore: A Framework for Managing and Providing Integrated Linked Data on the Web", Tomas Knap, Jan Michelfeit, Jakub Daniel, Petr Jerman, Dusan Rychnovsky, Tomas Soukup and Martin Necasky.
  5. "The Semantic Web Linker: a Multilingual and Multisource Framework", Mariantonietta Noemi La Polla, Angelica Lo Duca and Andrea Marchetti.
  6. "PoliMaR-Web: multi-source semantic matchmaking of Web APIs", Luca Panziera, Marco Comerio, Matteo Palmonari, Carlo Batini and Flavio De Paoli.
  7. "An Interactive Exploratory System with Real-time Preference Elicitation", Panagiotis Papadakos, Yannis Tzitzikas and Dafni Zafeiri.
  8. "Do-it-Yourself Content Delivery Network Orchestrator", Rajiv Ranjan, Karan Mitra, Suhit Saha, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos and Arkady Zaslavsky.
  9. "Intelligent and semantic real-time process of Greek LOD for enhancing citizen awareness in public expenditures", M. Vafopoulos, M. Meimaris, A. Papantoniou, I. Anagnostopoulos, I. Xidias, G. Alexiou, I. Avraam, G. Vafeiadis and V. Loumos.

Accepted Entries in the "WISE 2012 Challenge"

  1. "An Investigation on Repost Activity Prediction for Social Media Events", Juarez Paulino Silva Junior, Felipe Modesto, Lucas Almeida, Thiago Neves and Li Weigang.
  2. "Logical model of relationship for online social networks and performance optimizing of queries", Edans F. De O. Sandes, Li Weigang and Alba Cristina M. De Melo.
  3. "Predicting Retweet Behavior in Weibo Network", Hongbo Zhang, Qun Zhao, Ke Xiao, Hongyan Liu, Jun He and Xiaoyong Du.
  4. "On the Prediction of Re-tweeting Activities in Social Networks – a report of the WISE 2012 Challenge", Sayan Unankard, Ling Chen, Peng Li, Sen Wang, Zi Huang, Mohamed Sharaf and Xue Li.
  5. "Acolyte: An In-Memory Social Network Query System", Ze Tang, Heng Lin, Kaiwei Li, Wentao Han, and Wenguang Chen.
  6. "Accelerating Queries over Microblog Dataset via Grouping Techniques: Report on the Performance Track of WISE Challenge 2012", Zheng Lizhou and Jin Peiquan.
  7. "Predicting Retweet Action over Microblog Dataset via Classify Techniques: the USTC’s Report on the Mining Track of WISE Challenge 2012", Lianshuai Zhang, Peiquan Jin and Zequn Zhang.
  8. "Predicting Retweeting Behavior Based on Autoregressive Moving Average Model", Zhilin Luo, Yue Wang and Xintao Wu.
  9. "A Fast and High Throughput SQL Query System for Big Data", Feng Zhu, Jie Liu and Lijie Xu.
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